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Chess Therapy Help Page

Chess Therapy is an attempt to promote chess and chess problem solving as a method of relaxing, sharpening the brain, improving problem-solving abilities and having a good time!


A user account must be created before trying any problem of the competition. It is free and it only takes a few minutes. That helps us distinguishing between our users and communicating when required. All the material of our site can be viewed without creating an account, but to try the competition problems a user must be logged in.


The competition has a variety of selected chess problems. When a problem is solved the appropriate points are added to the user’s total score. The first three players will be assigned a gold, silver and bronze star. More problems will be added every so often

Chess coins

Every chess problem in the competition - depending on its difficulty - carries a number of points. The concept of chess coins has been devised with a Pawn coin representing a value of 1 point, Knight and Bishop coins for 3 points each, Rook for 5 and finally Queen for 9 points. 

Automatic  answers

Some of the problems are easy to check and there will be an immediate answer whether the suggested solution is right or wrong and points will be granted automatically. Others are more difficult to check and will have to be reviewed by our administrators. In that case the pending answer might take from some minutes to a couple of days, but in any case your points will be added right after the solution is reviewed and you will also be notified by email!


Castling is denoted by moving the king two squares either side of the board. 
King-side castling is denoted by Kg1 (for white), Kg8 (for black) 
Queen-side castling is denoted by Kc1 (for white), Kc8 (for black)